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I support conscious women & men in finding their authenticity within their soul; via my Finding Your Soul Rhythm program. I'm a direct and straightforward style of coaching. I'm here to empower you so I don't pacify and coddle or sugar coat.  I can be very loving but will promote "tough love" when it deem necessary. I focus on spiritual direction that attempt to deepen their relationship with divine, or to learn and grow in their personal spirituality.

I will hold a sacred space for you to dig deep into your own wisdom.  This program is about finding what works for you and allow you to trust your intuition. Igniting the power of the God/Goddess energy within us all.  It's time to awaken your true nature and work through beginning lesson of your own healing. So you don't shy away from being yourself and connecting to truly authentic version of YOU in this very shatter reality. 

Let me help you walk through the higher/lower aspect of your inner sanctum to create a balance divine feminine and masculine traits. It's time to give yourself a change to heal through your own divine inner knowing. Let me show you how.

Session with me will often times give you powerful insight of what going on in your mind and world.  With regular sessions can bring a clear consistency and solid foundation for transformation.

You can choose three options for continued support. It can be setup to once a month, twice a week, or twice a month. Those who speak with me regularly has mind some powerful moves in recents months.  We need to help you build up your spiritual energy to gain momentum to ELEVATE YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCES.  

We will address your goal or other concerns and what coming up.  During your session I will channel suggestions,actions and update so you can build on them.

I will teach you discernment and trusting your inner wisdom to empower you to take life by the hands.  It the opportunity for you to find inner power, accomplishing goals, speak your truth.

Together we can explore your inner world and to define yourself with your own unique soul rhythm. Then you can obtain all the tools need to really work successful plan toward your life.

To give your better understanding of the spiritual journey, and to fine tune your intuition and clear decision making. 

Client experience shifts:

  • Building your Faith  & Personal Connection with "Universe,God, Source"

  • Strengthen your intuition &  Divine GPS to make Intuitive Decision Making

  • Create Loving Relationship, coworkers, partnerships, family(Emotional Intelligence) 

  • Understanding the old belief and learning to release them

  • Align to Spiritual Purpose 

  • Move into home, apartment (releasing codependency traits) 

  • Left unfulfilling relationship

  • Create spiritual practice (build clients)

  • Prioritize Self Care

  • Develop, Teach,  Healthy Boundaries

  • How to heal yourself from you own inner sanctum

  • Authentic Connect to Spirit and healing abilities

  • Removal of false beliefs, ego, shadow 

  • Understanding their inner magic 

  • Willingness to Change and Release Old Emotions, behaviors

  • Forgiveness & Opening to love

  • Release self sabotaging / self inflicted road block 

  • much more....




1 Months

1 Months 

2 - session a month 

1st Initial Session (3hours) and 2 session (1 hr each) their after Tailor toward your goals/spiritual development

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Setting the tone and foundation for spiritual direction


  • Starting your own spiritual business but also learning to your own authentic rhythm of your soul. (Strengthen soul connection with spiritual team)

  • Working through a relationship but also need to increase your financial outlook. (Aligning your spiritual boundaries, emotional intelligence & Intuitive Decision)

  • Want to get the basic of spiritual development that authentic to you. (removing the false belief, ego, clear outlook of what spiritual means to you)


3 Months

3 Months 

2 - session a month 

1st Initial Session(3hr) and 5 session(1hr each) their after Tailor toward your goals/spiritual development

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Doing the work that enhance spiritual direction.


  • Suffering from depression has Therapist but feel some experiences are spiritual (Learn preparation for prayer, deep relaxation, mindfulness meditation Sheila)

  • Feel lost in life but has interested in spiritual exploration and self discovery (Study what your soul want through meditation and self study with Sheila assisting your to finding rhythm and belief system)


6 Months

3 Months 

2 - session a month 

1st Initial Session(3hr) and 5 session(1hr each) their after Tailor toward your goals/spiritual development

Living Empowered Life (Back in Control)


  • Wanting a stronger connection to your goal and finding what make you happy. (Self Exploration, Bi-Weekly Discussion with Sheila to stay in empowered and accountable for the life you want! Back in the driver seat)

  • Feeling Spiritually Empty and life goal is not working out or not fulfilling  (Seek a spiritual foundation that empowered your life and working with other holistic practitioner to regain control of your mind,body and spirit (sheila and her team will help you transformation and create a rhythm that enhance your soul development and wellbeing )