• Sheila M. Boyd

3 Tips to Elevate Your Casual Weekend.

Tired of Netflix and not really wanting to hangout with friends. Give this a try to elevate your weekend experience.

Yipee!! Friday here and weekend flow is on the way.

So here some tips to consider for the weekend.

1. Time to cut the excess!! The weather getting a little cooler it may be good time to do a yard sale or sell online your possessions. Sometimes we are so focus on material wealth that the items may take hold of your wellbeing. Nothing wrong with cutting the excess and living a more minimal lifestyle. Doing so may help regain clearly on what really matters. It's also help with those who can't cope with a lost of material items unexpectedly. Don't forget Goodwill drop off is another solution.

2. Create your life mantra. Sometime this weekend figure out what hits home for you and your stick with it for awhile. My mantra "Elevating my Life Experiences". You can always pick more popular phrases "Live life to the fullest" etc. Try to stick with something that really speak to you.

3. Therapeutic Journal/Sacred Journal This one I find most challenging to keep up with even after you spend $35 on your 7th custom journal book. However, this is great way to have self realization and gather your thoughts. Especially if your having trouble communicating effectively with others. Writing down what you would say without any pressure for immediate response can help release "tightness in your throat" when speaking to others. It's also great when your laying in bed thinking about your day and you can't sleep. It would be great to write out your experience and also find solutions to your problems. Look at what you wrote can create insight to your behaviour/emotional patterns. Sometimes you may find your totally consume it's everyone causing you issues through writing you may see some pattern to your current issues my be streaming from you.

Have great Friday and weekend.

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