Abundance & Authority vs Shadow

Right now, things still seem somewhat limiting or restricted. The good news is that their still opportunities that are opening up to you. Right now is the time to increase or improve your health issues, relationships, friendships, finances, and more fun in your life. Things could be coming your way after such a prolonged period. Just know your worthy of all that your about to receive and handle it with grace.

The saying goes, the Universe has your back and, well, it indeed does for you right now!!!

Take time for some preparation so you can embrace the full extent of all that coming. Suppose you are seeking networking opportunities with others in your field. It's time to attend class, groups that may not be related to what you do. Remember to act in faith and be brave and take steps that RIGHT FOR YOU at this time. It's truly time for fresh input or collaboration on a project, or if your feeling sad, guilt, or grief over an unfinished project, just let it go entirely now and start a new.

It may be a project that you're interested in, but the timing is not right now!! You can always come back to it later with a little more organization and creative clarity you find your way.

Gaining Authority over your Life!!

It is a confirmation that you take the leadership role and gain your spiritual authority in this lifetime. It's all about EMPOWERMENT rather than force and control. Only through the heart can you model the power and authority needed to have a positive effect. A lot of you are dimming your light and abilities to prosper indeed. It's time to take control of your life and the path you want to go toward in 2021.

Great power lies with living in your truth with integrity and leading by authentic example. To hone in this great power is to know that it is not your responsibility for another that could drain you. Don't allow dependency. It not about overseeing someone else life. It's more about letting other people grow in seek to empower through your leadership.

There is time in life where it is time to surrender and let go, but never give up. It would help if you inspired action until the impossible happens.

Go toward the Inner Path to let go and repeatedly detach until you stay loyal to your heart and not give up on what we feel we are here to do.

The power of Inner Will is not something of force by doing internal practices to bring ourselves to life we want. Having endless determination is fuel by loving devotion. So practice more inner view of love from within and get it outward.


So many people are facing external enemies or fears of themselves. Now is the time to take both hands and go toward your heart to meet with our dark self. Begin the assignment of bringing love and acceptance to that side of ourselves. Now the time to give it light and love; you are not your own worst enemy. The enemy's sacred purpose within or without to bring us more deeply into our being as we seek to find and heal the darkness within.

Right now would be good to have black obsidian or black tourmaline to prevent external and internal forces not to be too disruptive. However, it can reveal what has been lurking in the shadows of self for a while now. —trying to avoid being brought out into the form of fear of disapproval. It can make you have a sense of shame or punishment. Start to acknowledge the dark part of yourself now. It is almost like an invitation to confront all of the hidden aspects of yourself and finally heal. It would help if you directly confronted the ego that you previously denied. You will gain more freedom and not become your own worst enemy. The fear of self-criticism and rejection is what you find there. Allow yourself the willingness to exercise non judgment, compassion, and accept all sides of yourself.


Is where giving yourself unconditional love and allowing more kindness and acceptance but not falling into them overwhelms, crushes, or deflated by any darkness you find within.

Sheila discovered her clairvoyant gift at 19 when an apparition appeared to her in the form of a golden cross. Since that awe-inspiring experience, Sheila has been able to connect to energies and spirits to receive meaningful messages. Hearing her calling, Sheila pursued learning other spiritual arts and healing modalities. Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, and Sound Healing now uses all of her gifts to help others connect to their higher selves within and find their calling.

Sheila believes in the magic that can manifest when one's physical, mental, and spiritual lives are aligned into One life and hopes to inspire her clients to find all they need from within. Over the last 20 years, Sheila has helped clients from every walk of experience varying from chief level executives, creatives, youth, and those recovering from varying traumas. Check out more articles on my Holistic Lifestyle Blog and Coaching Services at www.sheilamboyd.com