Baby Steps

Well seems like the green light is on for a few hours. Try to make this a very powerful day!

Some of us are being urge to shine light on things so others can see where to go. 😊

We are in the first layer of beautiful transformation. A lotus that no longer tightly close but opening to first few layers of new reality already come through the veil you are in the right place at the right time.

A major circumstances, associate, project or the way you currently live may change. I feel for so many of you can live the life you want but maybe not deliver in the package you thought it would be wrap in. So collect yourself and come up with some goals to improve the quality of life you desire. For some of you: Throwing out junk in your house 🏠 To improve mood and motivation. Home makeover 2.0 Do I want to work with others or work for myself. 🤑 Further your education. Starting a business Take a deeper look into your relationships Learning to live (without fear) Exploring who you really want to be! Inner Soul Transformation. Whatever you trying to figure out keep it at easy approachable level that your inner child can be happy to explore with you.

Baby Steps!

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Written By: Sheila M. Boyd


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