Consider Your Happiness

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Today Insight:

Consider where you headed right at this moment. Did you consider your maximum potential or struggling in doubt.

A lot of you will be pushing toward a new project, goal, or endeavors.

Is this the right move for me in the pursuit of happiness?

Then a few of you have no clue how to get things off the ground that you genuinely enjoy. There a point we can't tell if you were enjoying it honestly. Think about how it feels to connect to your project, situation, or goals. Is everyone laughing and smiling with you? How do you genuinely engage in your work, and does it feel align or force?

Check your emotions to your purpose while in action? What is everyone, and including yourself experiencing at that moment is everyone engages like you excited or slightly disconnected. Feel you're way through the floodgate of connecting. Align yourself to find the right about of appropriate enthusiasm to commit to your goals positively. If things are not aligned, consider why you are doing it in the first place.

Shift your focus back toward what truly aligns with your inner happiness. A lot of you may say nothing right at this moment. So do nothing until it feels time to create or move again. Depression could be a leading emotion of why many of you are not able to move freely into your goal or intent has you like.

Sometimes we focus too much emphasis on expectation. Release the expectation and shift into a more child-like view of exploring and experiencing. Discovery of self, keeping it fun and entertaining.

We are creating needless worry or frustration. It creates roadblock after another roadblock due to unclear motives or emotions.

Ensure right now that you're not doing things for the wrong reasons. You are creating a persona that could generate a frequency of inauthentic nature.

So, ensure you are not wasting time pretending to be a part of something that no longer where you want to be. Focus on what a real sense of peace at every moment you can create.

If you're able to create your most successful and peaceful moment right now, why not pursue that? Release overthinking on how to be happy. Go towards what makes you pleased by the course of ACTION.

Don't be doer for the wrong reasons. Be doer that aligning toward your alignment of true happiness. Happiness should be natural, but it seems they're a lack of that right now.

Make happiness a goal, and all of your dream and purpose will show itself in due time.

Seek a moment of joy that where your ah-ha moment will arrive. Dance a little while you in self-discovery mode. Release the expectation and focus on just being.

Let do little exercise grab a journal or piece of paper.

Answer these questions, add the date so you can look back later

Acknowledge the Good

1. Acknowledge the Good by recalling actual events - It's OK if you can't right now, but try to consider what "GOOD" right now. Think of 3 events and three events you can create good memories.

Adding to you happiness

2. Adding to you happiness by doing more of what you enjoy (Subtract the unhappiness)

It can have simple has drinking more cups of favorite healthy drinks and subtracting drinking soda. It can be quite easy to obtain when you look at what you don't want and replacing it with "GOOD" or "Happiness trigger." You can keep improving that list until it set the rhythm of what you want more of in your life and taking the step to go those items or actions.

Finding meaning again and purpose

3. Meaningful photo practice, you find a photo of things that mean a lot to you and then reflect on them. Over time you look for signs that give meaning in your life. "Family, sports, childhood items, etc. Try to gather those images or ideas up and by the end of the week or month. Spend some time reflecting on them for an hour or two. Write down what they mean to you, so don't forget them during your daily practice.

Use Your Strengths

4. Focus on how to consider your strengths of character. Write them down; it can be simple has kindness, creativity, and put them more into practice. It will create a feeling of (smiling into your work or life in general).

Last Connect With Others

Once you start focusing on the good in your life and instill in your mind (This is me and what makes me happy. You can then share this with others and see a significant transformation over a period of time.

After all, it would be best if you lived a little until you spark the right amount of joy you need to propel you forward. Laugh and smile into your purpose; the most fabulous idea usually comes from the right amount of positives thinking.

You can purchase this affordable journal below to help you along the journey to self-discovery.

Sheila discovered her clairvoyant gift at 19 when an apparition appeared to her in the form of a golden cross. Since that awe-inspiring experience, Sheila has been able to connect to energies and spirits to receive meaningful messages. Hearing her calling, Sheila pursued learning other spiritual arts and healing modalities Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, and Sound Healing now uses all of her gifts to help others connect to their higher selves within and find their calling.

Sheila believes in the magic that can manifest when one’s physical, mental, and spiritual lives are aligned into One Life and hopes to inspire her clients to find all they need from within. Over the last 20 years, Sheila has helped clients from every walk of life varying from chief level executives, creatives, youth, and those recovering from varying traumas. Check out more articles on my Holistic Lifestyle Blog and Coaching Services at


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