Fenugreek Head Washing

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

I got this from an old herbal book I wrote this in my notes. I can't recall the book I got it from, but this is an excellent recipe for those experiencing a lot of emotions or mental congestion.

Help to relieve brain fatigue and strong emotions such a deep feeling of grief and sorrow. Makes the head wash adding a tablespoon of powdered fenugreek to two cups of hot water. The powder stirred into the water, and the solution is then allowed to cool and reach room temperature. Is to be scrubbed into the head, much as shampoo is applied when washing the hair. Once the fenugreek tea rubbed into the head, it is allowed to sit on the head for at least five or ten minutes. Then it is rinsed off using lukewarm water. The result of this head washing is always a clearing of the person. The individual can think more clearly without being afflicted by the intense emotions previously felt. Also, this head washing has the advantage of removing nagging and troubling feelings.

Use fenugreek head washes at least twice a year. Reducing mental influence from others and allowing us to think clearly.

Salt Water Washing

When a person can't seem to get all together or suddenly become airheaded and unable to think clearly about anything, they may need to have a salt head washing.

This head washing usually performed in conjunction with a salt rub or a salt bath. If you do bath water used, it is rubbed in to the head, often along with an additional handful of salt. Like the fenugreek head washing, the salt head washing done by scrubbing the solutions into the head, just like a shampoo used when washing the hair.

Washing used to ground people who feel disconnected, unable to think clearly at all or act as if they're lost in space. Use two pounds of salt to a tub of water, scrub the body thoroughly, and vigorously wash the head using an additional handful of salt and bathwater. If only a head washing desired, add as much salt as can be dissolved in two cups of water and rub this solution thoroughly into the head. Once the person's head has scrubbed with the saltwater solution, it must be rinsed away.

Once either of the above head washing completed, you can use coconut milk or unsweetened coconut cream compound. Usually, milk taken directly from coconut is considered by most people to give better results. Unsweetened coconut cream is just as beneficial.

The process of feeding the head is simplicity itself. The coconut milk or cream is scrubbed into the head, just like the head washing compound or a shampoo/ Once the compound has been worked into the head, the hair may be combed out again. However, should be left to dry on the head – preferably overnight. A scarf of towel may be wrapped around the person head to insure this. Such protection will also keep the coconut material off the bedding. In the morning, the coconut compound may be rinsed out and the person hair washed with a shampoo and dried, as it would normally be. Keep a people level head.

Feeding the head with Alcohol

Another method of feeding the head involves using red or white wine instead of coconut.

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