If you are preparing for a significant life change and want Sheila’s full-scale support wisewoman approach may be the best fit for you. Sheila will utilize all of her intuitive and healing gifts to assist you during your coaching sessions. 

Live Mentoring Zoom/Skype, phone calls or Face to Face Meeting – We will meet to discuss how to apply the tools and concepts in your daily activities and explore strategies to navigate your specific situations.

Make sure to take full set of notes and recommendations to reflect on between sessions.

Session will be recorded if Zoom Conference - not guaranteed


Address and work on blocks, potentials, karmic, soulmates, inner child, friendship centered around loving yourself.​ If your in love triangle I will only focus on you and not the other parties involved. (You may be refer to License Therapist or seek medical attention)

Single and Ready to Mingle
Assist on practical and spiritual way to love yourself and to attract love

Family Matters 
Family Dynamic work on children, siblings, parents and general family issues. Assist and motivate and guide you to have positive interaction with love ones. (You may be refer to License Therapist or seek medical attention)

Career/Business Matters
Career focus on anxiety, financial , challenges, and potential within work environment. 

Psychic, Light worker, Spiritualist, Shaman, Ascension
To work on your initiation with spirit or to see where you are on the spiritual level with your team.  Strengthen your connection to your team. 

Into the Depth
Those who are dealing with period of chaos, depression, anxieties, attachment issues, codependency. Shadow Work depending on the severity (You may be refer to License Therapist or seek medical attention)

Medical Medium 
Seek Medical Attention and listen to your doctor advice. If you need me to look on your condition from a spiritual view (Clairvoyant). You may take information to your doctor or healer to continue to heal your diagnose. You should work with your doctor and healer in unison with a strong prayer devotional practice is recommended. (You will be refer to seek License Medical Practitioner or immediate medical attention.) 

All sessions will be done in the highest of integrity and may be subject to being canceled for any reason at all.
No Refunds

NDA and Confidentiality may be requested before your session.

PLEASE NOTE: Sheila Boyd IS NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR, Psychiatrist, Psychologist or any type of Medical Practitioner; Licensed or Unlicensed by any State or governing authority. Sheila Boyd does not diagnose diseases, prescribe drugs/vitamins/substances, make any health claims, or GUARANTEE ANY OUTCOME. Sheila Boyd is a Professional Holistic Healer, certified in multiple healing modalities. HER HEALING PROCESSES ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR APPROPRIATE MEDICAL TREATMENTS. If you have a condition that needs medical attention, please seek standard medical treatment and use Coaching or anything else as a complement to it.