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Distance Coaching and Healing:

Via Zoom Conferencing or Phone

Available From 10am to 10pm  

By Appointment Only (Fri & Sat)

Face to Face Consultation: 

Available From 10am to 4pm Short Pump location Only 

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Marshall Spring at Gayton West Apartment

4501 Marshall Run Circle - Rental Office

Glen Allen, VA 23059

Via Appointment Only

Tel:  757-812-5253


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With Sheila Boyd as your life coach, you will break through your blocks, both internal and external, discover your inner light, and use your higher mind to elevate your life experiences .

Within 3 months, you will be amaze about how much power you have in creating your future.  Your be able to tap into your higher mind and be able transform your life that has you feeling fulfilled, joyful, motivated and energized. Now is the time to discover and empower your personal power from within and unique strengths.  You be able to give clear intention on what you bring out into the world, able to make decisions with confidence and elevate your life experiences.



  • Join the Enlighten Soul Mastermind Group include Live Events On several Social Media Platforms. 

  • Access to my Signature Welcome Guide and pre-work before we hit the ground running

  • 4 one-on-one 60 minute Zoom or phone sessions (Face to Face is available email for inquires)

  • Assignments to support our sessions.

  • This is where you create your own your blueprint from your cosmic mind, where you do some serious work and where the real results are achieved. The good news is that you won’t be alone. You’ll have specific tasks and goals that we’ve determined together. Each time we work together during a session or email check-in, we will assess your progress and continually adjust and elevate your efforts to move ahead to your next level.

  • More Resources, tool, to help you become even more magical from within 

Personalized Destiny BluePrint


Meditation & Mindset Practices 

Sheila believes strongly that each person is beautifully unique and different.  She is sought after for her ability to personalize programs for each individual’s specific lifestyles and intended goals.

Weekly Phone Check-Ins

Having the opportunity to debrief the triumphs and struggles from the previous week while game planning, personalizing your program and setting goals for your next week is an event clients greatly look forward to!

Life Coaching Program

Sheila is a certified Life Coach and highly values the importance of healing from the inside out!  Throughout the 3 module program, Sheila  walks clients through journaling exercises, tools, and practices to help the client achieve elevated life experiences.

Week 1

Destiny Blueprint- Release and Discover your potential

Uncover your "true potential and create a vision for a life that reflects, purpose and your creative life force energy. This establishes a foundation for all of your future "decisions and goals".

  1. Understanding your cosmic energy and self belief 

  2. Learn the Art of Purification (Mind, Body and Spirit.

  3. Determining your core values 

  4. Creating your Cosmic Blueprint that will encompasses your

  • Relationships

  • Business/Career

  • Wealth

  • Health 

  • Personal  Goals

Week 2 

Destiny Blueprint - Training your Cosmic Mind 

We have the vision and desire, Sheila will train your cosmic mind to reach it potential. Steps tailored to your pace. These steps should actively move you forward toward your desire of your intention.


  • Meditation, Prayer, Invocation

  • Inner Magic Checklist 

  • Increase you Higher mind

Week 3

Taking hold of your challenges with positive action

In this phase, we establish how to take hold of subconscious habits and build a regime against negative self-belief.


  • Breaking the patterns

  • Devotional Prayer 

  • Good Karma

  • Cosmic Love

Week 4

Bringing Your Highest Good Forward into the World

In this phase, we establish key strategies and design a personal blueprint of techniques for continual success. Together, we make a clear plan and stock your toolkit with what you need to keep yourself on course and true to your core values and life purpose.

  • Destiny Blueprint

  • Your Mind & World

  • Karma of giving service 

  • Compassion List

  • Magic of Higher Mind toward Spiritual Empowerment